Ivan Kuindzhi

Full stack software engineer
First login: Aug 1, 1982 from Moscow, Russia
Currently based in Yerevan, Armenia (GMT+4)


  • 20 years in web development
  • 10 years of experience with SPAs
  • Javascript, NodeJs, Typescript, CSS, SASS, HTML
  • VanillaJs, ReactJs (CC/FC), React Native, jQuery, ExtJs
  • Python, PHP
  • SQL, GraphQL
  • Serverless, AWS infrastructure
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, SVG, Icon fonts
  • Git, Jira, Slack, Trello

About me

My main interest is in frontend engineering, although I am qualified in server side and serverless programming as well. I like building frameworks and libraries, client facing apps and backends for them. Frameworks and libraries excite me the most. I like learning new stacks.

Most of my experience is in zero to one startups where I handle all technical stuff, but I have also worked in teams.

I am working remotely since 2010.
I am open to relocation.
My English level is C2 (written)/C1 (spoken).

As for my other interests - I am a photographer, digital artist and composer.

Professional experience



Telegram: @kuindji

Whatsapp: +7 916 9043042

Phone: +374 55 843957

Email: kuindji@gmail.com


LinkedIn: kuindji

Art profile:

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